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Product Visionaries, Coding Geniuses and Awesome Designers.

Macaw Bytes was born out of helping companies navigate the digital arena, and very seamlessly build digital products without having to go through the hassle of building their own internal team. We attract the best talent in the form of product owners, developers of all skill sets, and designers, and get them ready to deliver in a new world where technology is crucial to any business. Whether your company is introducing a new digital business model, revamping the customer experience or improving operations using innovative digital means, Macaw Bytes is there to support you from end-to-end.



Attracting and developing the best talent for our business and constantly improve ourselves and our teams.



To be truthful and sincere in all our transactions with clients, vendors and internal stakeholders.



Never hesitate in accepting the mistakes being made. Learn from the mistakes and do not repeat the mistake.



Continuously improve our delivery model & bring out best quality services and products that bring immense value to our clients.


Grow your business online: the driving force behind everything we do at Macaw Bytes. We don’t just build websites. Our one and only goal is to help our clients grow their businesses and increase their bottom lines. Think of Macaw Bytes as the “Business” Web Design company. We don’t care about the latest technology, design trends, and online marketing – until we’ve personally tested and know it will make sense for you, your project, your company, and will drive results. Everything we do, every recommendation we make, is based on research and experience in each of our clients’ industries and on their projects. We then marry our expertise with your unique needs as a business to achieve your goals. Through strategic planning, technical know-how, and dedication to our clients’ success, we have helped hundreds of clients grow, market, and run their businesses more effectively using the web.


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We love our profession, At Macaw Bytes, we’ve got our eye on the goal – well, your goals, actually. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you identify and achieve your objectives through an integrated campaign of design, web development, hosting and support. We do keep updating our side on to the changes taking place on the technical world. Through this approach, we have gained the trust of clients.

Adobe Muse 85%
Corel Draw 75%
Ilustrator 80%
Adobe Dreamweaver 90%
NetBeans 95%
Sublime Text 85%

Our Collaborative Success Mantra

In the short span of our inception, we have garnered a global clientele and made a mark for ourselves in the industry with our consistent performance. Our team works with the single aim of delivering world class solutions to clients that will enable them to put forward their business interests by leveraging technological solutions. We believe in creating partnerships through mutual cooperation, as our performance is directly reflected in the efficacy of the solution provided by us to our clients.

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Confidence, quality work and never seen before, team spirit, these were the founding pillars of our company. We have designed, developed and maintained some of the most memorable websites for our clients to help them attract more visitors, convert those visitors and retain them as happy customers. Our business consultants always aim to help you to find the best route for designing and developing your website. With help through our team's experienced insights and consultations, you can give the strong wings to your business. With inputs from a full-service team including senior designers, developers, marketing specialists, creative strategists you get a comprehensive view of your designs and processes. Our consultations provide a wide-ranging scope for your business to succeed online.

Our Skills

The most powerful template ever on the market

Web Design 80%
Web Development 90%
Digital Marketing 85%
Application Development 88%


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