When Is The Best Time To Post On Instagram

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn haven’t they all our changed our lives. Our life is so controlled by social media these days. The studies show that 98% of the people falling in the age group of 13-28 use their social media reputation or response as a measure to assess their stand in society. A very bizarre fact is that so far 34 individuals have ended their lives for not getting enough social media attention on their posts as those poor people had hoped for. Today we focus on one of the biggest social media platforms i-e Instagram.
You put huge amounts of work into making stunning Instagram posts and pictures but are unable to get the likes and attraction you wanted to seek.To build a sizable Instagram following, you have to make convincing content that your crowd really hungers for. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t post your content at the opportune time, the greater part of people will never observe it. Lots of research and experiments are being performed in order to increase the visibility of the posts on Instagram. Some were successful, but some failed. You need to understand, Instagram utilizes a dynamic algorithm which makes things a little more complicated.

Best Time To Post On Instagram

You need to find the best timing for your posts. This is a lot easier said than done. Even if you know the most suitable time to make your posts, it doesn’t guarantee the success rate. So, below are the few tips you should keep in mind before making a post on Instagram. This discussion is lengthy and involves a lot of factors that need to be gauged before posting something on Instagram. Therefore, the blog has been divided into the following sections-
Discover that Perfect Timing!
No matter what the research says, the best timing is always related to your target audience and the content of your post. If you are targeting teenagers, for example, then the best time for them would be a lot different than a businessman, as they don’t usually stay up late at night. However, there are some general timings to post on Instagram. Below are the data according to the target audience:
A). For International audience:
If you are targeting an international audience, then the best time to post on Instagram would be around 12 AM IST and 3:00 AM IST. Generally, an International audience can be from anywhere around the world, so it is quite difficult to target them according to their timing. However, if you are trying to target any specific International audience, then you can certainly find their best timing. Best days to post would be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
B). For Students:
If you are trying to connect with teenagers and students, then the best time would be around 7 AM IST till 9 AM EST and 11 PM IST till 1 AM IST. Usually Saturday and Sunday, students tend to use Instagram.
C). For local audiences:
Local audiences can be in the same country, or different states. They usually are either working professionals or businessman. So, the best time for them would be usually before they go for their work and when they come home after work. It depends from region to region, so there is no fixed timing for them.
Note: Watch out there is something called WORST TIMING!
The above data are just the general timing most people use to get more followers and likes on Instagram. But in order to understand this better, you need to know the worst timings to post on Instagram.
You all may think that Weekends are the best day to post something on Instagram. However, it is usually noticed that on weekends, few posts are able to get attraction and gain likes and followers. There are many aspects that need to be kept in mind before posting something on Instagram. For example, there are protest’s going on in the country and you post something related to a movie. In such a scenario, your post won’t be to make an impact as the audience is already captivated by the other side.
Another thing needs to be kept in mind is the time zone. Most of us don’t know what the time zone is for the international audiences. This is the reason, weekends get the least love because for you, it is the weekend but for someone living outside the country, it is the Monday morning blues.


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