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GK International Journal of Science and Technology
Kerala, India - (Online Journal)

GK International Journal of Science and Technology (GKIJST) is having ISSN Waiting(Online), bi-monthly international journal, being published by GK Publications, Kerala, India.

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High Roofs Contracting LLC
Dubai, UAE - (Contracting Company)

High Roofs Contracting LLC is the best construction company in UAE holding licenses in all states of UAE and they have completed many projects in Dubai, Sharjah and other states of UAE.

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Gulf Planet Group
Al Jubail, KSA - (Contracting Company)

Gulf Planet Contracting Establisment in Saudi Arabia is one of the prominet group providing a range of Industrial support services, Contracting and Trading services to clients across Saudi.

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Gulf Tiger Karate
Sharjah & Dubai, UAE (Karate School)

The Gulf Tiger Karate Centre was founded in Sharjah with the aim of promoting Martial Arts in states of UAE. It is a traditional school teaching Karate, TaeKwonDo, Kick Boxing & Yoga. With locations in Sharjah and Dubai, UAE

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AMI Lights
Kerala, India (Chain of Business)

AMI LIGHTS, is the wholesale provider of LED lights in Kerala with brands of BIS certification in india of supple, small and luminous designed for both Indoor & Outdoor Lighting solutions.

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Owl Media Hub
Kerala, India (Photography Company)

Owl Media Hub is one of the budding photography companies in kerala with a group of young & talented photographers and videographers to handle the job you lend with great dedication.

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Arif Khan Photography
Kerala, India - (Photographer)

Arif Khan Ansari is a passionate photographer base on South kerala and banglore focusing on Event Photography, Corporate Photography, Product Photography, Portrairt and Family Photography

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Herrschen Avots
Kerala, India (Automation and Control systems)

Herrschen Avots is one of the fastest growing brands in the building controls and energy management sector in South Kerala and across the nearby markets.

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